Lithium ion production line laser head

In recent years, the overall process of domestic substitution for lithium battery production lines has accelerated. Domestic equipment has not only achieved a penetration rate of over 95% in domestic lithium battery production lines, but also leading equipment companies rely on leading products and technological strength to serve the global lithium battery market.
At present, domestic substitution of lithium battery production lines has entered the deep water zone, and core components such as laser heads, lasers, and coating dies upstream of the equipment have not completely rid themselves of imports. In the uncertain international situation, there is still a high risk of stable supply.
At present, building a secure and stable supply chain for production lines is becoming increasingly important, and accelerating the domestic substitution of core components has become urgent at the strategic level. In this context, a group of domestic core component enterprises are accelerating their growth and expansion, helping to promote domestic substitution of lithium battery production lines through deep water areas.
Taking laser welding, which accounts for 5-15% of the investment in power battery production line equipment, as an example, the upstream core component laser head can achieve difficult welding effects such as deep penetration welding and fast welding through high-energy beam focusing, directly affecting the yield of laser welding.
Moreover, the flexibility of the laser head and the synergy of real-time online detection also have a significant impact on the automation level of large-scale production of power batteries.